Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Whole30 Snacks

With Thanksgiving two days away, I wanted to share some Whole30 Snack ideas that I'm keeping on hand.  Besides the obvious - whole fruits and veggies (think: sliced fruit, grapes, blackberries, carrot sticks, sliced veggies etc).

Those are delicious and great snacks - but I like to mix it up so I don't feel like I'm stuck eating nothing but salads.

Nuts are great (but NOT peanuts)  I love sunflower seeds.  Bonus if they are in their shells - removing them is a distraction and time killer if you are guilty of snacking without thinking!

I love appetizer trays for the olives and pickles!
(careful on pickles though.  Bubbies Brand is the best, but Clausen will do)

Potato Wedges
I'm making these for our Thanksgiving meal.  Great as both a snack and mashed potato replacement.  Dairy is a no-no on Whole30

I'm so excited to try these!

Any good snacks you like?

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