Friday, June 30, 2017

Five on Friday - Following Up

Did this week drag?  Or was it just me?
Woof.  I'm ready for the weekend.
So let's get to it, so we can kick our feet up and relax!


Justin started to get irritated from the baking soda so he's back to normal deodorant half of the time.  This is a common complaint with natural deodorant, so I'll look for a new option for him.  I'm still in love.

The Toothpaste ROCKS.  We are still using it morning and night and don't have plans to switch back.

Follow Up from Mother's Day

The spiralizer is awesome, I just need the zucchini to get bigger!  They are so skinny that half the zoodles are an inch long.  Bummer

Ringly fell flat.  I'm unimpressed.
I ordered this bracelet and when it arrived it was really yellow.  So I exchanged it for this one.  Only Ringly processed it as a return. Their customer service wasn't awesome either, so I decided to keep looking for something else.

Justin's Father's Day gift has really knocked it out of the ballpark.  I hired two high school boys to do some yard work.

I love the progress!

This week they are weeding and re-rocking our backyard gardens.  It makes a world of difference!!

The Pressure Washer

We bought Justin a pressure washer for his birthday 3 years ago.  We NEVER EVEN USED IT.  We loaned it to his brother to wash his deck and it hasn't worked since.  I recently took it to a small engine repair place and a MONTH later we officially can't fix it.

So Justin bought a new one last night.

This weekend that sucker will be busy - back patio, house exterior, driveway, etc, etc, etc.

Which brings me to

Our back patio!!

Our new favorite place.  It's not finished, but it's 1000 x's better than before.

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  1. I got a spiralizer for my birthday last year and I love it! I don't like vegetables very much, but somehow they just taste better when they are spiralized.