Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not yet 30

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Today I'll eat cake (more than once), cheers with friends, eat too much dinner, sneak a few kisses from my Mr, and do my first load of laundry in my favorite present.

I feel it's a sign of the times when you are excited for a new washer and dryer on your birthday.  Haha.  I had my eye on the LG front loaders for a L O N G time.  Unfortunately the space in our laundry room is too narrow for the front loaders.  When we went shopping last weekend I fell in love with this set by LG.

The reviews are amazing and I love that all of the buttons are on the front, not the back.  I think I'll eat some cake while I watch the washer clean the first load.   A very Happy Birthday indeed :)
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