Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

**This stayed in draft all day yesterday :(  I promised it was suppose to go up on 1/28/14**

It has been one amazing year.

January - moved from one apartment to another, new jeep, engaged, put in an offer on a house, got married, my birthday, home offer accepted

February - moved from one apartment to the in-laws house, bought a house full of furniture and appliances, moved into our own home

March - painted, repainted, cleaned, unpacked.

April - Boys trip to AZ and Girls trip to NE

May - My Mr.'s Birthday, tons of work traveling

June - Trip to Cheyenne for Frontier Days

July - Vegas Girls Trip!!!  and weddings galore

August - Glacier National Park, almost every weekend

September - Vow Renewal, family from all over visited, started bigger home remodel projects

October - First Halloween with Trick or Treaters!

November - Hosted first Thanksgiving the day after we painted the kitchen

Christmas - Decorated the house, started building our bar, kitchen backsplash, attempted to flood the house

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have so many words to try to describe the feelings I have for you, the joy you fill me up with, the warmth that surrounds me when I'm near you.  I don't think anything will do but I Love You.  You are my best friend, my better half, my life.  I'm so proud and grateful to be your wife.  I promise to love you forever (even on the days when I'm frustrated with you).  You have my whole heart.

Our wedding day at the courthouse - 1/28/13

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