Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm not a big 'Resolution' fan.  I like to call them Goals.  It's my personal opinion that Resolutions are hyped up and then exploited to become failures.

When I think about a goal, it can come at anytime of the year and last for any amount of time.  Justin and I sat down and talked about our personal goals and our family goals.

Here are my personal goals:

  • Actually use my gym membership.  I.E.  Go at least 4 times a week
  • Get up when the alarm goes off.  No more snoozing 10 times before my feet hit the floor
  • Make breakfast every morning. (which is an added bonus of making coffee for Justin every morning)
  • Keep the house "Visitor Clean" all the time.  
    • This one came about because of the home projects we've been working on.  One room is always a slight disaster until the project is complete. 
Pretty short and sweet.  Each goal has a spin off into another - but those don't need to be listed.
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