Friday, January 10, 2014

Vacation Relaxing leads to.....

Stress :(

December was a whopping doozy of a month.  Deadlines were screaming at work and I was doing the job of two people.  I couldn't work 10 minutes straight without an interruption of something else being more important.  Holy mind spin people.  But a few Saturdays of quietly working made a difference and I was able to celebrate making my deadlines by taking most of the New Year week off.

Which leads me to my current dilemma.   I spent 5 days working on the house and generally relaxing with my husband.  Laundry was all clean, ironed, folded and put away.  Decorations were taken down and put in storage.  House was dusted and vacuumed!  We even put finishing touches on the new bar's counter tops and painted curtains (blog post coming soon).  Movies and Mad Men were watched and a few naps were taken :).  Now I'm back at work and it's back to deadlines, constant interruptions and needing to work a few evenings to try and play catch up.  My temper is short and I'm irritable. :(

I promise this won't last long.  The snow is beautiful outside and January has always been one of my FAVORITE months.

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