Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Ski Weekend

I had been thinking about our MLK weekend ski trip for a MONTH.  As a type A lady, I planned out my outfits, packing organization, ski accessories, and food for weeks.  So when the weekend came?  I was more that ready.

And this is how it ended.....
(please ignore the horrible angle that creates a double chin.  Sun was wicked bright through the window)

That's correct.  I'm in a sling.  Separated shoulder and all :(

I would like to point out - I had not fallen all day.  It wasn't until the last ski lift ride of the day that the accident occurred.  (and I was not alone in the accident.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, wasn't paying attention and helped this little injury along.)

The good news?!  I get out of washing dishes for a week or so.  Bad news?  I totally suck at doing my hair.  Whomp whomp.

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