Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Hunting We Will Go ~ Part 2

The first few homes we had asked the Realtor to show us were a big bust.  We had actually seen a home in the same neighborhood during an open house .  The neighborhood was total cookie cutter and the builder only had three floor plans.  Add in that it was so far outside of the city limits, they were crossed off our short list.

We had a few other homes to look at and at each it was just a disappointment.  One home we were really excited for ended up being a split-level entry.  We had no idea looking at the photos online or walking around the exterior of the home.  It was such a disappointment walking into the home and seeing our biggest negative.

I had actually lost hope on the basement-less home.  I even asked J if we could remove it from our search list.  However, the neighborhood had his interest peaked.  He grew up in Helena and the neighborhood was one he was familiar with and really loved.  It's an older, established neighborhood with great re-sell potential with only being two blocks from city limits, easy access to shopping and the interstate.  He convinced me to drive out one evening to drive around the home.

The exterior had us SOLD.
You can't see it, but it has two huge pine trees, beautiful landscaping and rock detailing we hadn't come across before.  The three car garage had J excited, as well as the matching shed in the back.  The very next day I sent our Realtor an email saying we wanted to see the home ASAP.  It had been on the market just at a month and we were nervous it would be purchased before we could see it.  So many homes that we liked were Under Contract when asked the listing agent or our Realtor to schedule a viewing.  With our fingers crossed we drove out to the home for our first walk through.

Oddly enough, the owner was at home the whole time we were there.  Besides that and the 80's decor and clutter, we could see the amazing potential this home offered.  The layout was just what I was looking for, and even without a basement, J was excited for all of the upgrades he could do.  We were shocked to hear that there had already been TWO offers on the home.  Both of which the homeowner rejected!  So we put our heads together with the Realtor and we came up with an offer that sealed the deal for us.  Just a little over a month later we moved in!

Side note - the day we saw the house was the day we got engaged.  And the day we moved in we had been married one month :)  It was a busy month for us!

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