Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Now that the weather is starting to act like spring, it's hard to sit in an office on Monday morning.  I wish this weekend could be on repeat.

Friday we left for Bozeman to participate in a Marriage Enrichment weekend through our church.  It's a weekend full of lots of one on one time and some great conversation on how to keep your marriage strong, faith driven and long-term.  Nothing is better than a weekend away with my best friend and partner in crime :)  We had a BLAST!  Add in a bit of shopping and some really good food and this weekend made it into my top ten best weekends.  I didn't take any picture because I never even thought of it.  

BUT.........when we got home Sunday afternoon it was back to our regularly scheduled program.  House projects!!  (Ok - really, I cleaned and prepped for the week.  Justin did some house projects.)

The big project of this weekend?  Redoing the plumbing for the new tub.  I cannot wait to take a bath in the new tub!

Filling the tub up to test for leaks!

I can't say enough to describe how hard a worker my husband is.  Plumbing is like Greek to me and this guy was cutting pipes, running new connections, and doing all of this just so I could have a new bathtub.  I'm so grateful he loves projects like these.

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