Friday, June 6, 2014

13 Weeks

How far along:  13 weeks

Baby size: A Peach!

Baby's progress: Baby has fingerprints!

Weight gain:  Still down in weight.  I occasionally get hungry, but it takes 2 bites and then I'm full.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet.

Sleep: Bedtime is still early and I'm sleeping well.  Occasionally I have to wake up for a potty break.

Gender: We aren't finding out :)

Movement: Nothing I can feel.

Best moment this week: All of the tummy rubs from Justin.  Seriously the best.  And my new yoga pants coming from V.S.  Yay for stretchy pants!

Looking forward to: Painting the baby's room.

Food cravings: Nothing on a regular basis.  Food is still gross and when I do end up hungry, I make sure I eat exactly what I want.  That way I'll eat more than if I just picked at something else.

Anything making you queasy or sick: When I start thinking of what I want to eat - some foods make me queasy.  It's interesting.  I'm just trying to stick to healthy foods and make sure that I'm eating all day.  My snack drawer at work barely closes!

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Salami and Cheese.  It's the ONE thing I want ALL the time.

Symptoms: My Bump!  I love knowing that it's all baby right now.

Workouts: Still taking two walks a day at work and weighted arm exercises.  I'm planning on going back to the gym next week now that I'm not napping at lunch anymore.

Things that suck: It's getting warm and all I can think about is how I'm missing all of the great summer beverages.  Vodka sodas, summer beers, etc etc etc.  I know it's not the end of the world, but dang, they are so cold and refreshing!  I'll stick to my water and iced tea.

Things that don't suck: My relationship with Justin.  He's going to be one awesome dad because he's already the best husband.

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