Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up / Yellowstone Edition

We decided last weekend that we needed a break from our year long home remodel.  So to Yellowstone we went!  The park entrance is about 3 1/2 hours away, so we knew it would be an easy weekend.  We normally pack up and head up to Glacier Park for a quick get-away, but neither of us have been to Yellowstone in almost 2 decades!  It was time for a change.

J and I love to go on quick adventures.  We plan nothing - other than where we are going to stay the night - and take any detour we like.  This trip was no different.  We stopped in Big Sky, MT on the way down since I've never been before.  I loved walking around the shops and seeing the resort.  J and I buy a wine glass from everywhere we go and Big Sky was no different!  I love that any time we would have a glass of wine, we also get a quick trip down memory lane.

The best part of our 'no plans' Yellowstone was the detours.  Within the park there are lots of side roads you can take.  Our favorites were Firehole Canyon and Firehole Lake.  If you ever get the opportunity to head that direction, take the side trips!  You see so much MORE of the park than you would on the main road.

The drive down
My caffeine of the day - Dirty Chai Latte
Top - Firehole Canyon
Middle - Painted Pots
BL - Geyser at Painted Pots BM - Lake Yellowstone BR - Buffalo by Road

Dinner at the Lake Hotel

View from Lake Lodge

Our (hilarious) cabin!
TL - Elk with velvet antlers TR - Old Faithful!
BL - Firehole Lake BR - Elk herd at Mammoth Hot Springs


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  1. Can't wait to see more! I too haven't been there in 20 years or more!