Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday afternoon Justin and I were thinking of having a relaxing evening in front of the TV with an early bedtime.  Lazy was our middle name :)  But then!!  A good friend, who we haven't seen in ages, texted and asked if her family could come over to see the baby bump and the house progress after dinner.   That lit a fire under our butts and we framed in both new windows and even hung the blinds in the living room before they came over.

Thank goodness for awesome motivation.  We spent 40 minutes working and the rest the evening hanging out with our favorite family of three :)
Living Room Trim

Family Room - Done!

Living Room - Done!
Saturday morning was sleeping in and a big breakfast.  Then we spent the day working on small projects that had just been adding up and needed to get done.  I've asked Justin to pull back the reins on some of the new projects and focus on getting some older ones done.  We have a lot of small random items that need to be finished - all things that will take no time at all to do.  When you add them all up.....then they seem overwhelming.   Justin got to work on some of his 'to do list' and I finished the bench in the entryway.

It was super simple.  I just sewed the corners of the three cushions together so they wouldn't shift much in the new singular cushion.  Then I wrapped them in quilting filling (for a seamless look and a touch of softness) and fabric and stapled them to a wood base.  Easy Peasy!
Bench c/o Target
Fabric c/o JoAnn
Sunday we worked on the nursery.  When we took the ancient baseboard heater off, we realized we had to patch the wall.  While Justin worked on that, I painted (again, with lots of breaks and plenty of ventilation).  More progress photos coming soon!!


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