Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I kicked off our weekend with a bang.  My energy is coming back so I had to put it to good use.  I scrub my house from top to bottom - vacuumed, dusted, mopped, the works.  For the first time in weeks I finally felt like my house was clean :)  Justin's been a total champ during my first trimester.  He worked on projects without any help from me, kept the house in one piece and let me sleep.  But to be honest, it felt so good to clean all afternoon.  Granted my bedtime was 8:00 pm that night!

Saturday morning we held a garage sale. (sorry no photos.  But just picture a garage sale.  Pretty standard stuff) We had two others joining us with items to sell, but it was total chaos and the moment is started raining Justin and I threw in the towel.  We loaded up everything that hadn't sold and took it to Goodwill.  We may have closed up shop 2 hours early, but it ended up being a blessing for us.  Justin and I were able to get all of our Home Depot/Lowe's errands run as well as install the new toilet.

Ah, the toilet.  Such a fun project!  The first toilet we bought was this beautiful dual-flush elongated bowl that Justin was stoked for.  Turns out it was TOO long.  We couldn't get the toilet in without damaging the new wall.  Instead, Justin went and exchanged it for a standard toilet.  Not as exciting, but we have a toilet!  YAY!

The rest of they day Saturday we stuck around the house doing our regular chores and napping.  Naps make everyday better :)

Sunday I decided to finish decorating the half bath while Justin installed the new bathroom door (you can see it in the above photo as well).  
Not the best photo - but a door!  And trim!

I'm painting the hallway tonight.  Hopefully I can get a better photo soon.  We still have to take the door off the hinges and paint it, but since we have a toilet, we figured a door (even one without hardware) is better than no door!  Haha.

We ran to Lowe's to pick up our counter top and SHOCKER!!  They were sold out!!  When we looked at them on Thursday, they had plenty.  Darn it.  We should have just bought it then!  Double dang.  So now the bathroom is postponed....again...

The half bath is now 90% complete!  We still need to replace the window and find hand towels we like, but I've checked this room off my 'to do' list for the time being!!

Vase from Target clearance, branches from JoAnn

All from TJMaxx

We spend the afternoon napping :)  Then we headed over to my in-laws for a father's day dinner and some pinochle before calling it a night.  The guys won - but that's because us ladies knew they needed a father's day gift.

Now onto our exciting week.  A few new windows are being installed tomorrow.  That means I need to get all of my prep work done tonight.  Fingers crossed I get it all done!

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