Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend was a much slower pace than usual.  Justin and I are getting over a bug and we still aren't feeling 100%.  On a happier note - the drywallers finished!  Only one week late!!  (hear the sarcasm?  Not the best experience.  However, it's done and we are moving on.)  Even with a delay, we were able to paint and start tiling.  I still need to squeeze into the linen closet to paint the back and finish the ceiling trim.  I think I'll wait until the tiling is done though.  Along with working on the bathroom, we took a few naps, had dinner and pinochle with the in-laws and did the normal weekend chores.  Let's hope this bug is kicked soon!  

The new linen closet in the bathroom (before painting)
Paint Color - Sculptor Clay by Behr
It's an amazing chameleon color.  It looks gray now, but when we put the tile up next to it, the brown tones really start to show.

Let there be light!!  Light Fixtures from Home Depot

(our mirror will cover that white area)
Laying out the tile to find a pattern I like

Starting the process!

I can't wait for the finished product.  The room is finally coming together!

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