Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Halfway Recap

20 weeks is barreling down on us and Justin and are I still in awe that we are pregnant.  Some days I forget about the belly and it will shock me when I see my reflection.  I don't "feel" pregnant yet so I'm not going to complain!

Weeks 1-13

The first trimester was relatively easy.  I was nauseous but never sick.   I was suffering from food aversion and struggled to eat three meals a day.  I was prescribed Zofran but only took it sporadically.  (It comes in great on turbulent flights).  I had a mini belly at 8 weeks and it's just filled in and grown ever since.  I have been in maternity work pants since the 8 week mark due to the belly band just not keeping my regular pants up.  My maternity work pants are the m.o.s.t. comfortable pants I own and even in the 90 degree heat I pull them out for work.
Pants - Motherhood Maternity Scarf - Tommy Outlet  Shoes - Nine West Flax

The biggest symptom I 'suffered' from was exhaustion.  I love sleeping, so it was no trouble at all to go to bed before 8 and take lots of naps!  All in all, the first trimester was pretty easy.  I'm counting my blessings because I know that everything can change in a blink of an eye.

Weeks 13-20

Exhaustion didn't just END at the start of the second trimester, nor did some of the intermittent nausea or food aversion.  They have been tapering off and I'm hopeful that now the nausea is over, the food aversion will follow.  I added in more weighted workouts and two pillows to our bed.  I'm headed to Target tonight to buy another king size pillow for my back.  I don't see the need to buy a "pregnancy pillow" when I have a body pillow I love and just need a good king size pillow for my back.  I keep stealing Justin's, but poor guy is already giving up 2/3rds of the bed!  Sleep is still good and bed times are still earlier than before pregnancy.

I'm a big fan of the maternity full panel pants for a seamless look under my shirts and I've picked up a pair of shorts and a pair of white skinny jeans to get me through the summer.  I also ordered a dress from PinkBlush Maternity for some summer weddings and concerts.  

Unfortunately the fabric is so lightweight I keep snagging in on everything.  I'm pretty sure this dress will only make it one pregnancy before it sees a trash can.  Otherwise all of my tops and most all of my dresses still fit around the bump.  Each week another item gets added to the 'post baby' pile but I still have lots of options.  My favorite shirts are the Mossimo V-Neck dressy shirts from Target.  They aren't online right now, but you can still find them in store.  They are long enough to still cover the bump and then some.

I feel great and think pregnancy has been treating me pretty well so far.  I'm ready to see what the next 20 weeks bring!!

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