Thursday, July 10, 2014

House Progress

We are in up to our elbows with random tasks.  Over the past few months little projects were added to our 'To Do List' but we kept moving on to big projects.  After using the restroom for the 10th time one Saturday, I had enough.  The half bath had a patch job that needed to be sanded and painted.  A 5 minute project!  But it had been months and never been finished!

So I talked with Justin and we agreed.  We need to finish these small projects before finishing the big ones.  Each day Justin and I took one item on the list and crossed it off.

Our list midway
So while my house posts have been fewer and further between, we've been working like crazy to get lots of little projects done so we can get back to the big ones.  This week we've decided that we can put our focus back on the nursery.

When we took off the old baseboard heater, we realized the wall needed to be drywalled before we could move on.  Our current progress:

The entire room is painted, but now we need to get the trim in, so we can get the heater put up!   We are going to install the new closet doors and bedroom door this weekend as well.  Fingers crossed that we will still have energy to build the crib and dresser.

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