Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

This week was all baby focused.  Sorry!  But we've taken a break from the house so we can enjoy vacation, weddings and the rodeo.  Back to regularly scheduled programming soon!!

My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks - which means we have set deadlines to get some projects done before she arrives.  Talk about motivation!!

The best, and I mean the VERY best, leggings are the Ponte Leggings from the Loft.

Why are they so awesome?  Let's count the reasons
1. Are NOT see-through.
2. Hold their shape and color through a whole year's worth of washing's.
3. The shape holds so well, it's almost like wearing Spanx.  But super comfy ones.
4.  They are the perfect thickness to keep you warm outside in the winter but not overheat you inside.
5. They come in Maternity.

Now I'm just waiting for a flash sale email to come through so I can order my maternity pairs.  The two regular pairs I bought last year (and wore every single week) still look brand new!

Since I told you about my favorite leggings of all time I need to confess about the best high heels ever.
Nine West Flax

I have 4 pairs: light nude, beige, hot pink and black.  I could really use another black pair since I wear mine out so much.  And a white pair.  And a blue pair.......
Super comfy, hold up really well, perfect height (3 1/2 inches) and look both professional and sexy.

Now all I can think about is shopping.  And there is NO shopping to be had in Helena.  Justin and I hit up the outlet malls when we headed to Cheyenne for CFD, but it's hard to shop for regular clothes when you have a bump that changes every silhouette.  I'm currently on the prowl for a really nice pair of bootcut maternity jeans.  My hips have spread enough that none of the pairs I have are not going to cut it with a belly band and hair tie.  Any suggestions?!

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