Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Whelp, I did it again.  Was so busy at work on Friday I forgot to post my 5 on Friday.  Darn it.

This weekend was a push to get as many projects done as quickly as possible.  My bestie is coming to town to throw my baby shower at our house and it was motivation to check a few things off our list!!

Trimming out all of the door jambs

And the biggest project - finishing the shower/bathroom

Also, there was a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, dusting, painting,and shopping.  The baby's new window is being installed today and the rocker/glider is being delivered today!

I'm going to be excited when October is over.  Justin and I have plans to enjoy our last month as 'just the two of us'.  It has been go go go for months and we need a break before baby arrives!

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