Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Week!!

I'm so excited!  It's a big week at the WigDiggity household.  My dad, brother and sister-in-law are coming up to visit, my 30th birthday is on the 30th, #wiggydiggy is being baptized on the 31st and we are hosting a Super Bowl party on the 1st.  Going to be a fun and busy week!

I was able to pick out my first birthday gift last week - the LL Bean boat tote.  I've had the same swim/lake tote since I was 18 and it was time to invest in a more long lasting piece.  I'm so excited that it's going to show up on my birthday!

I chose the red in large with a long handle (and of course, a monogram W).  I can't wait to take #wiggydiggy to the club's pool this summer!

Now I'm off to do some grocery shopping to prepare for our house guests and party.  I can't forget the birthday cake either!  Haha.

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