Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five!

It's Date Night tonight!
Our first date night since lil' man joined us.  I'm so excited to wear heels :)

I have so many posts in draft form.  I need to find a few spare minutes to finish them all so I can get back to blogging regularly!  I promise, there is only ONE pregnancy post left.

I read the most amazing article
Not to be cynical, or all high and mighty, but her article accurately describes EXACTLY what I was expecting when I had #wiggydiggy.  As a previous nanny and babysitter, I knew most of what to expect with a newborn, but I knew that the love for my husband and child would know no bounds.  Women need to stop putting a negative light on pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

I'm on a serious purge kick.  I want to get rid of EVERYTHING!  I would love to scale back in every room of our house (that means I have to get the husband to clean out his stuff as well,  He has more than me!)

This lil' man.
What blog post is complete without a baby picture?

Sorry I'm not sorry :)

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