Saturday, January 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy - 1 Month

#wiggydiggy | 1 MONTH

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Papa Lovett!! 

nicknames | kid, baby, little man

weight | 
 using the 'at home' method, we are guessing you are at least 10 1/2 pounds and at least 22".

size | we just used the last of the newborn diapers and moved to size 1. Clothing is 0-3 months. You are so long that you were barely able to wear newborn sizes for the first two weeks before we couldn't snap buttons anymore.

sleep | 
the first two weeks we didn't even try a schedule.  All you did was sleep and I had to set my alarm to try to wake you every two-three hours to eat.  You EXCEL at sleeping and at two and a half weeks I gave up the alarm during the day and let you dictate a more relaxed nursing schedule.  You've gained weight like a champ so I stopped worrying about sticking to a clock.

eats | 
with all of your sleeping, I had to incorporate pumping and bottle feeding at night to keep your tummy full.  It turned into a bad habit that we have to break because I am over-producing (not necessarily a horrible problem, but one that can be painful if you don’t eat enough).  On the positive side our freezer is getting full of breast milk!  We ended up buying a chest freezer the day after Christmas.  You also really picked up latching once you started to wake up more and you nurse like a champ.  I never knew I would love nursing as much as I do!

loves | 
your hands up by your face, your rock n’play, being swaddled (as long as your hands are free), being cuddled by momma, copy-cat noises from daddy

dislikes | 
for a pretty relaxed kid, you really dislike being burped.

firsts |  you giggled!!  By far the cutest sound ever.  Also, Christmas.  I think you were spoiled a bit ;)

Momma | postpartum recovery was pretty easy.  I’m already below pre-pregnancy weight and still on the same happy high I felt while pregnant.  Nursing the first few weeks was rough with you not waking up to eat, but now we've got a good system going.  This month we are going to work on a schedule so when I head back to work at the end of February it won’t be so rough on us.  My only personal goal this month was to shower every day, and so far so good!

Daddy | Daddy has been home this month!!  We couldn't be luckier to have him home every day for the first month.  Having him go back to work in January is going to be hard.  I've loved having us home as a family the past few weeks.  He’s also taken over the role of Dad with ease.  He did most of the diaper changes and was bottle feeding you at night when I had to pump (because someone wouldn't wake up…..)  I always knew I married the very best man and watching him with you has just proved it.

So far when we look at you, we can't really tell who you take after more.  There are a few features that we can pinpoint as Dad or Mom, but overall it will be a joy to see what you look like as you get older.  You have your Daddy's eyes and mouth.  You have my hair, nose (sorry kid, I promise it gets better as you get older!) and my long torso and fingers.  I'm praying you have your dad's athletic ability!

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