Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Birthday Wish List

Seeing as how yesterday was my birthday, it only makes sense that I post my wish list now.

Really though, I'm a frugal shopper.  I prefer to scour for deals before taking the plunge on a purchase.
I also prefer to buy quality that will last a long time.
I can see the value of high dollar yoga pants when I'm still wearing a pair 5 years later and they look brand new.

High Time 7/8 Pant

image from Pinterest

I do my own nails most of the time, but I would love a good manicure to set me up for the next few months.

A new baseball cap
My white one has seen better days, and it's been cleaned many, many times.

As usual, my husband hit it out of the ballpark and checked most of my items off my list yesterday, so these are the only ones that remain.

I'm most in love with my casserole case and immersion blender.  Heart eyes for days!

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