Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life Tidbits

Our house was hit by a stomach bug RIGHT after potty training.  That threw a wrinkle in things, but we are on the other side and back to being accident free!

My parents visited over the long weekend.  We celebrated Christmas and my birthday while they were here.  We have to squeeze in a much time as we can!  I'm already planning a road trip with my lil guy in May while Daddy is traveling.  Yay!
Watching his favorite show (Super Why) with MeMaw

My mom gifted me a gift card to TJ Maxx and I did what any self respecting 30+ year old would do......I bought kitchen organization items.  HAHA.
I'm still giddy over my drawer organizers.  It's the small things, right?

On the frivolous side, she also gave me this beautiful Michael Kors purse.  The fabric is perfect for this time of year.  Melting snow is sloppy and this wipes off like a breeze.

The big bummer during their visit was that the Cowboys lost :(  Sob Sob.

On a cute note - #wiggydiggy had the HARDEST time saying Grandma and Papa last year.  He came up with PePaw and MeMaw all on his own and they are the cutest nicknames for my parents.  Hearing him sadly ask for PePaw Monday after school was both heart breaking and so Dang Cute!  It will be a sad day when he outgrows those cute nicknames.

I'm knee deep in scrubbing the house. #killthegerms  Thankfully we are finally going to be above negative temps for a few days and I can open the windows for fresh air.  I'm very jealous of everyone living south of Montana right now.  So. Very. Jealous.

I hope everyone's 2017 has been going well!

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