Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas 2016 Recap

Santa was so good to #wiggydiggy this year.  He brought him a "Kitchen Helper" stool!

This boy LOVES to help me in the kitchen (especially washing dishes) and now he always be a part of the action.

We celebrated Christmas with the cousins on Christmas Eve.  #wiggydiggy received the trumpet he asked Santa for!  Icing on the cake - he got his own Dump Truck.

Heart eyes for days from this boy.  He LOVES dump trucks.

We didn't open all of his gifts on Christmas Eve.  He stopped to play with each one as it was opened and we didn't want to interrupt his fun.  We brought the gifts home and let him tear them open Christmas Day.  

The day after Christmas we went sledding.  He was so excited to be pulled in the sled until we climbed the hill.  He was quiet on his first ride (and fall) down the hill, quiet on the walk up, and then fought sitting in the sled again.  He loved the ride down but by the time I walked to the bottom he was all tears and screams.

But he asked to go again as soon as we got home.  Haha!
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