Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend WrapUp

As SOON as the lil bug is over an illness, he gets hit again. :(  This winter has been hard on #wiggydiggy and I feel like he just can't catch a break.   His daycare has Influenza, Croup, and Strep going through right now.  He was sent home early on Thursday with a bad cough and fever so I called the Dr. right away.  After weeks of illness, it was time for a booster to help get him over this latest round.  The nasty cough called for breathing treatments and we saw an improvement almost right away.  Thank you modern medicine!

Onto happier news...
This weekend was relaxing with an capital R.  Justin went skiing on Saturday so #wiggydiggy and I had a day date with one of my friends; 'Auntie Cole'.  A bit of shopping turned into dinner and a few hours of conversation that evening.

Lil bug loves wearing his sunglasses now

Sunday was donuts for breakfast and pajamas all day.  With his cough still sounding horrible, we decided to stay home from church to avoid sharing any germs. #yourewelcome

We woke up to some more snow this morning.  Fingers crossed it snows a bit more before I can hit he slopes this weekend!

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