Friday, July 21, 2017

5 on Friday - Progress!

The Resale Sites were a HIT!  Everything we had listed has sold!!

Sorry if you wanted the Golf Cart.

I'm super low on photos this week.  I'm working really hard at keeping my phone down during family time and so far I'm loving it.  I do miss skimming through the photos and remembering the fun times though.

Speaking of skimming.....


Have you heard about Skimm?  It's a daily email that gives you the highlights from the news the day before.  I feel like I'm out of the loop when it comes to fast hitting politics, global economics, and even pop culture.  We don't have cable and I don't browse news websites often enough (with chasing a toddler around and what not).

I love my bite sized Skimm email in the morning to keep me informed.  It's FREE!!


I did it.  I went shopping at the Nordstrom sale.  My buys:


-Not a part of the sale, but requested by my Cubs loving husband-

I've heard good things about this blazer and I couldn't pass it up.  We'll see if it's worth it.


I've listed some designer jeans on my Poshmark page!  Cleaning out our closets has been so nice, but I have so much more to post!  Lots of designer brands coming your way this weekend. :)

Happy Friday Folks!  Stop by April at Smidge of This to check out the link-up.

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