Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#wiggydiggy says

Dear #wiggydiggy, 
Right now, your voice is the sweetest and I love hearing you tell me stories.  You also have some of the cutest phrases that I have no desire to change right now.  Maybe one day we'll correct you, but for now, we are loving your unique language.

I Can't Try! = I Can't Do It, while you are trying to do whatever it is you're complaining about
For example: shooting free throws repeatedly, but not making a basket

I Can't want it! = I Don't want it

Pipsicle = Popsicle

I Hold You = Pick me up

Sprit-lers = Sprinklers

Then you'll list the name of every machine we pass.  You LOVE Front Loader's and Digger's.

Samm-ich = Sandwich

You have your meals mixed up.  Breakfast and Lunch are Dinner.  And Dinner is Lunch.
Even though we call them the correct names - you'll correct US and tell us "No!  It's Lunch!"

ECHO! What time is it!
Sadly she never answers you, so I need to figure that out, but I love that you repeat us. :)

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