Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Forest Fires have taken over our state :(

Reason # 459 why I hate living in Montana?
You only get to enjoy a few weeks of summer before the smoke rolls in and keeps you indoors.
And that's if you're lucky.

Added bonus?
We don't have A/C and it's been in the 90's for four consecutive weeks.  Normally we can open the windows at night and cool the house off.  We maintained mid 70's indoors for a few weeks, but now we can't open the windows without coughing, burning eyes, and smelling of campfire.

Fall can arrive, like yesterday.

I caved on Friday and booked us a 'Staycation' at a local hotel.  I treated #wiggydiggy to a free-for-all at the grocery store for "picnic" items.  He was most excited for his 'Minion' cupcake!  haha.
Or more accurately - the Minion icing.

Saturday morning we headed to the Fair Grounds bright and early to watch #wiggydiggy's best friend compete.

Seriously.  PeeWee Rodeo is ADORABLE.
Here he is competing in Barrel Racing.

Best Buddies!
Isn't that belt buckle the cutest thing ever?
#wiggydiggy's first horse experience.
The second he's situated on the saddle - 'I wanna go Super Fast!'

His buddy was so sweet to let #wiggydiggy ride his horse!

The rest of our weekend was spent inside, watching movies, playing ball, cleaning, and reading.
Please pray we get some rain soon. 

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