Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Happenings

We were going to have a garage sale on Saturday.

Instead, we had some friends come over Friday evening to dig through our baby items.  Their little boy is due in November and our gear was seasonably appropriate.  They ended up taking everything!!!  Super awesome, but it left us with a box of DVD's and a bag of old Halloween costumes.

Not garage sale worthy.

Instead we kept our sitter for #wiggydiggy and we cleaning the shed and garage.
Our shed used to be a music room for the previous owners.  This means it's carpeted, heated, and decorated.  We use it to store our totes, holiday decor, and extra lawn equipment.

I really regret not taking before and after photos.  We could barely walk in before.  Now everything is labeled, organized, and there is TONS of room left.

Goodwill also received a hefty donation after that project.

The biggest project in the garage was ripping up the carpet.
Oh yeah, our entire third stall was carpeted - and held down with duct tape.

It wasn't the worst idea but it was pretty gross.

Once the garage was emptied, we put down mats.  These are the indoor/outdoor workout mats you may be used to seeing in gyms.

Long story short:
Justin wanted to put them on the newly opened up patio.  I thought it would be gross because they'refoam and would trap rain water.  He ordered them anyway.
Fight ensued #marriedlife
Thankfully he agreed that they don't belong on the patio.
Found out we couldn't return them.
I'm happy they have a new home and are not blocking my guest room anymore!
Justin's happy that his garage is much nicer.

Right now the back of my Tahoe is FULL of  more items to take to Goodwill and our garage saw three garbage bags of crap disappear.

I also listed TONS on our local Buy/Sell Facebook page.

Anyone need a Golf Cart?

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