Friday, July 14, 2017

5 on Friday

So....have you heard??
It was Amazon Prime Day on Tuesday and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday!!

No, really, I don't think I've read more than two blog posts all week that are NOT about the sales.
And I'm guilty as charged :)

Justin saw the price of the Echo and jumped at it.  Now we'll have one in our room and another one in the kitchen.  (honestly, I'm super excited about it)
We are also very boring and bought a scale.
(It's still on a great sale)
Ours broke a few months ago and keeps saying Justin and I weigh the same.

LOL for Days

As for the Anniversary sale?  I don't have a card so I'm not shopping early.  I AM browsing through to see if there's something I just cannot live without.

And on a complete opposite side of the spectrum, I think I've take three car loads full to goodwill this week.  Our guest room is full of items I need to list for sale or put in a donation pile.

I'm trying to purge and it's going VERY slowly.
Please send help.

I painted our front door a while back.

We are currently working on finding/buying new sliders and french doors for the house.  While in Home Depot, we found a few front doors that we really liked.  One was painted this beautiful navy blue.

Similar color:

I think this color may win as the new front door color!


We replaced the exterior lights on our "new" patio.
with bonus old birds nest!


We even picked up the BugZapper light bulbs, and they barely fit.  Hallelujah


This weekend consists of more Goodwill trips, listing on Buy/Sale websites and the like.
One day I'll get to enjoy my house, right?

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