Thursday, July 6, 2017

Montana Earthquake

Around 12:30 last night, a 5.8 earthquake hit Montana.

Specifically a few miles south of Lincoln, MT, which is about 50 miles from Helena.

I was already awake.  I was suffering from a migraine and had crawled into bed just seconds before it hit.

Justin was in the family room watching TV (and giving me quiet in our room while I was sick).

It's very creepy watching your house shake.  Even creepier hearing it creak and groan while the walls are moved around.

By far - the CREEPIEST part was the sound.  I never knew earthquakes sounded like that.  The best example I can think of to describe it is, the sound of a semi truck hitting the rumble strip very far away and riding it as it gets closer.

I heard and felt most of the tremors in the hours that followed (thanks migraine).  Due to the nausea I didn't fall asleep until after 3:30.  I woke when Justin and #wiggydiggy did to get ready for the day and went back to sleep when they left.  At 9:27 I woke to the four posts on our bed shaking and creaking.  So far that's been the last tremor since the initial quake.

Thankfully the only damage reported has been minor.  No deaths or injuries and our family is safe and sound.

We have quite a few more cracks in our driveway though ;)

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