Wednesday, January 10, 2018

22 Weeks


How far along:  22 weeks

Baby size:  size of a coconut

Baby's progress:  starting to look like a miniature newborn!

Weight gain:   5 pounds

Stretch marks:  None

Sleep: Pretty good.  Looks like middle of the night potty breaks are here to stay.

Gender: Coming to a hospital near us this May!

Movement:  Pretty consistent kicks/hits throughout the day.  Movement is mostly focused very low.

Best moment this week: Alone time on Sunday!  Justin took #wiggydiggy skiing and I spent a few hours in blissful quiet (doing chores and such, but still)

Looking forward to:  It's BIRTHDAY MONTH!  Bring on the cake all.month.long.

Food cravings:  My appetite appears to be back!  Still not super interested in most foods, but when I'm hungry, I'm eating good portions!

Belly Button - In or Out:  Half and half.  The top half wants to poke out, but mostly lays flat.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Cooking meat.

Wedding Rings - On or Off:  On.

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach

Symptoms: Belly, kicks, and sense of smell.

Workouts: Mostly walking on the treadmill right now.

Things that suck:  Having such a limited wardrobe right now.  It's partly due to the freezing temps, so I'm really looking forward to some warmer days so I can bring some variety back.

Things that don't suck:  Having #wiggydiggy so interested in what the baby is doing and wanting to play with them.

22 Weeks with #wiggydiggy

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