Wednesday, September 10, 2014

27 Weeks

How far along:  27 weeks - seriously, where is the time going?  It's FLYING by!  I feel like I was just at 12 weeks.

Baby size:  Baby is around 2 pounds and around 14-15 inches long!!

Baby's progress:  Baby's brain is really active and Baby is sleeping and waking in intervals.

Weight gain:  3 pounds.

Stretch marks:  Still in the clear.  Morning is Burt's Bee's Mama Bee's and evening is Burt's Bee's vitamin E oil.

Sleep:  Night time potty breaks are here to stay, which means I try to go to bed a bit earlier for some extra sleep.  Otherwise sleep is good.

Gender: Check back in December!

Movement:  All the time and all over the place.  

Best moment this week:  Our "vow renewal" 1 year anniversary was on Sunday (and no, we didn't celebrate it with gifts, we only both remembered on our way into church) so we asked Justin's parents over for dinner.  We had a blast just sitting around talking after dinner and watching some football.  Nothing is better than a little family time.

Looking forward to: My baby shower invites!  

Food cravings: I finally had a real craving.  I made homemade fettuccine alfredo and then proceeded to eat enough for three adults.  It was SO SO good.

Belly Button - In or Out:  I'm going to have an outie.  It is going to pop any day now.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still have an aversion to meat but it's not as consistent and it no longer makes me feel sick.

Wedding Rings - On or Off:   On and still a bit loose.

Labor signs: No and I'm praying I wait until after 32 weeks to start having any braxton hicks.

What I miss: Salami and cheese.  I would LOVE to have a deli sandwich right now.

Symptoms: Just the growing bump.  I'm still feeling awesome and enjoying every day.

Workouts: My yoga DVD rocks.  I really need to step up the walks at work.  I've been traveling for work so I haven't been able to walk as often as I'd like.

Things that suck:  Rolling over!  Haha.  When I'm situated between my pillows and want to switch sides I take a little longer to get moved over.

Things that don't suck: My evenings with Justin: when he rubs my belly, talks to the baby, and wants to talk about what life will be like with BabyWigs.  Our relationship has never been stronger. 

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