Thursday, September 25, 2014

Front Doors

J and I love our entry way, both the exterior and interior.  What I don't love is the lack of natural light.  

We are browsing for a new door with plans to purchase and install one spring.  Here are my current loves:

All from Home Depot

I really like the 3/4 glass for the most light without going with a full glass door. We also have plans to have a storm door like we do now.

I also really like these doors because I can paint them with whatever color we choose before we install.  I'm currently painting our existing door white on the inside to brighten the entryway up some, as well as all of the current trim.  We'll replace all of the trim to match the rest of the house once the new door is in.  Two coats down.....two to go!

You can tell how dark it is in our entry way in the left picture.  That's with two lights on!

Now all I need to do is decide what exterior door color I want......

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