Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Hey! Friday!

I've been traveling for work this week so my schedule is off.  Trying to get everything done before maternity leave is getting a bit hectic.  I'm so grateful it's the weekend!

I stayed strong and didn't buy any maternity clothes from Old Navy.  I'm thinking I'll raid the husbands clothes before I do any shopping.
But it's official, my sweaters aren't going to cut it.

Our weather forecast for this week was low 50's.  Next week is low 80's.  All I want to do is rock out my leggings and boots!  I should count my blessings the weather is as nice as it is for a long as it is.

I came to work with this lovely surprise on my desk:
I think my coworkers know me.....

Irony of all ironies.  The pregnant lady won the wine and liquor basket at the Parade of Homes VIP night.
The chocolate may or may not have made it home.....

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  1. and chocolate. Yum! What a nice co-worker.